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Oh my gosh you guys, I have never felt so under appreciated in all of my life!  The weather has been beautiful lately so this morning I got up bright and early to do something special for my parents.  I hunted for almost three hours to find them the perfect gift!  I had to chase it down, catch it, convince it that it wasn’t getting away, and then I had to get it in my mouth and carry it all the way back to the house!  You humans might think that it’s easy work chasing down bunnies, but it’s not, it’s hard work!

So anyway, I brought the bunny inside while my parents were still sleeping and I jumped up onto their big, comfortable bed and I carefully placed the stiff bunny right on my daddy’s pillow.  I thought he would be so happy when he saw it.  I mean, who doesn’t like waking up to a present?  But no, his eyes opened and he let out a scream that was super loud!  And not a good scream either, like ‘oh I absolutely love my present, Floyd!’. No, it was a bad scream like 'oh you're in serious trouble, Floyd!'. And then he got out of bed and took the gift that I worked so hard to get and he tossed it into the garbage can next to all of the real junk!

I must have the rudest parents in the whole entire world!  That’s the last time I give my dad any of my trophies.  From now on I’m keeping them all to myself.  I’ll hide them underneath my parent’s bed, they’ll never even know!  Or maybe the next time they go to the pet store to get me a new toy (which needs to be happening more often), I’ll just take it in my mouth, hop up onto the toilet and drop it right in.  Maybe that will show them that it’s impolite to throw away a gift a certain kitty gave you because she loves you.  They’re dumb though, so they probably wouldn’t understand.  They’d probably just stand there with smiles on their faces saying something like ‘oh Floyd, you’re so silly, that doesn’t go in there!’  Yeah, see what I have to deal with?

They never understand what I’m trying to tell them.  Like just last night, my mom kicks me in her sleep!  So I bit her foot and she thought I just liked the way her toes tasted!  I don’t like the way your toes taste, mom!  They smell like old cheese!  Parents just don’t understand. I’m off to catch more presents.  Talk to you guys later.

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